Work visa application

Requirements for Work visa application

UK Medical Report

The applicant must provide an original completed, signed and stamped medical certificate from their UK doctor/GP for applicants 15 years old and over that:

  • Is issued in the UK within the last 3 months
  • Includes Applicants full name as in the passport
  • Includes 1 recent passport photograph
  • Includes passport number
  • Is legalised by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)
  • Includes the address and phone number of the clinic

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Employment Contract

The applicant must provide evidence of employment in the form of a copy of their contract of employment.


The applicant must provide a copy of their legalised certificate/qualifications in the field of the job applied for. All qualifications must be attested through Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau (uksacb) in advance of submitting their visa documents.

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If the qualification/certificate being obtained outside UK it must be has legalised in the country of origin through Ministry of Foreign Affair or relevant department.

Power of Attorney

The applicant must provide Power of Attorney from their employer in Saudi Arabia that:

  • Is printed on a company letterhead
  • Is addressed to the Consulate/Embassy
  • Includes the applicant’s full name
  • Includes agent or the applicant’s full name as authorised handling person
  • Includes the occupation of the applicant exactly as described on the Work Contract and Electronic Authorisation
  • Is supplied with the Block Visa receipt
  • Includes the signature of HR department representative and stamped by Saudi Arabia Chamber of Commerce

No-Objection Letter

The applicant must provide No Objection Letter from their previous employer in Saudi Arabia if applicable.

Criminal Record

The applicant must provide Original Criminal Record (ACRO) from the Criminal Record Office that:

  • Issued with 1 month
  • From UK Criminal Record Office
  • Legalised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)

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  • Three recent passport size photographs
  • Original passport valid for 6 months beyond travelling with two blank pages
  • Fully completed application form. Fill online, print, date it and sign
  • Copy of the Electronic visa authorisation issued by Enjaz
  • Applicants applying from the Republic of Ireland must obtain their medical and legalise it from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - DUBLIN.
  • Original qualification/Certificate correspondent to applicant job title on work visa contract/power of attorney.A copy must be attested as a true copy from original by UK solicitor or Notary Public legalised from British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)
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