Saudi visa services online



A visa is a very important by two aspects. First for the traveler and second for the hosting country, to which the traveler will visit. There are a few reasons for which visa is very important.

Nowadays overpopulation, economics and terrorism are the main concern of any country. So when a visitor enters a country with a visa, then his purpose of visiting, number of days of staying and his or her identity is clear to the government of that country. In other words, it helps in immigration control.

The visa allows the immigration department to have identification of a traveler. It helps to investigate about his or her criminal records if there is any and economical background. Also, if he or she is carrying communicable diseases or not.

So we can see that, visa is very essential for a traveler and also for hosting countries. It’s also secure the traveling of the traveler in another country.

Al Reyadh is a UK based travel company which provides Saudi visa services. They have been providing these services since its foundation.

It has a great website where you can visit and you will get all these visa services online. Many customers from the UK and as well as from other countries are benefited and satisfied with these services.

Different types of visas are provided by Al Reyadh. They are as follows - 

Business visa

Work visit visa

Work visa

Resident visa

Family visit visa

Government visit visa

Exit and re entry visa

Now we will discuss about all these visa and its requirements.

For any business purpose, interviews, business conference or for arranging any deals or sing contacts you can apply for a business visa. Otherwise in following conditions too you can apply for a business visa - 

If you are an academic visitor.

Doctors who are involved in any clinical attachments.

Professors who are visiting with students for a study purpose.

If you are a religious worker etc.

For visa application you will need two recent size passport photos with an original passport valid for 6 months with two blank pages, original letter of Saudi host etc.

With a work visit visa you can visit a country and can work there for a limited time. You will need a confirmation letter from your hosting company when you are applying for a work visit visa or work visa.

Resident visa is very useful for those who wish to take up a resident in any country with employment or without employment.

A family visit visa is very essential for those who have to stay in a different country, away from their family for a work purpose or other purpose. By having this visa they are allowed to enter a specific country to visit their families or husband, wife etc.

Beside all this, government visit visa, exit and re entry visa are also provided by Al Reyadh. All these services are available online.

Different medical examination is needed to match the requirements of different embassies. Medical examination provided by Al Reyadh are - 

·Pre-Employment Screening

·Full Medical Screening & Blood Tests

·Cholesterol & Lipid Profile

·Diabetic Screening

·Male Health Screen

·Female Health Screen

·Semen Analysis

·Fully Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Screening

·Same Day HIV Test Result

·Drugs of Abuse Screening

·Pregnancy Tests

With Al Reyadh it is very easy to apply for any kind of visas mentioned above. It is the ultimate place for your visa solution online. They also provide different legalisation documents like marriage certificate, degrees, company registration documents, etc. You just need to follow some simple steps to reach our goal.

First, you have to download visa application form and then fill it up with correct information. Then you have to post that form attached with required documents like two passport size photos, appointment letter if you have any, other legal documents if required etc. After this you will receive your visa within a certain period of time.